Biodescodification: Deciphering Emotional Wellbeing

Biodescodification: Entschlüsselung des emotionalen Wohlbefindens

The search for inner balance and health harmony often leads to the gates of biodescodification.

What is biodescodification?

Biodescodification, also known as biodecoding or biocoding, is a therapeutic method based on the fact that many diseases and illnesses have their roots in unconscious emotional conflicts. The term “organic” before biodescodification emphasizes a natural or true-to-life approach to this practice. The basic idea is that the body uses symptoms as a form of communication to draw attention to an emotional imbalance or psychological conflict that may have arisen due to trauma, stress, or repressed emotions.

Origin and theory:

The method is rooted in psychosomatics and integrates concepts from various disciplines, such as the New Medicine of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, the assumption that all illnesses arise from an unexpected, dramatic and isolating shock experience that occurs simultaneously on three levels: the psyche, the brain and a specific organ. Biodescodification expands on this idea and suggests that by uncovering and processing the original emotional shock, the body can begin to heal itself.

Practical use:

In practice, a biodescodification therapist works closely with a client to identify the emotional root of a physical symptom or illness. This work typically involves a deep dive into the client's life story, identifying patterns and identifying traumatic events that may not have been processed.

Through conversation, guided meditation, and sometimes using hypnotherapy or other integrative techniques, attempts are made to help the client understand and express these repressed emotions. This process aims to create conscious and subconscious understanding of the symptoms, which should ultimately lead to the body beginning its natural healing processes.

At you can arrange biodescodification sessions led by experienced therapists like Iris Isabella. These sessions can be enjoyed both on-site at the practice on the idyllic island of Mallorca and online, giving clients worldwide access to this life-changing therapy.

Integration with conventional treatments:

Although biodescodification is a holistic and alternative form of therapy, it is often viewed as a complementary treatment alongside conventional medicine. However, it is recommended that individuals suffering from serious or life-threatening conditions continue to seek treatment and advice from qualified health professionals.

Scientific recognition and criticism:

The scientific community is often skeptical of alternative healing methods such as biodescodification because many of their concepts and practices are inconsistent with established medical theory and practice and lack empirical evidence. However, supporters argue that the effectiveness can be seen in the practical application and positive results of their clients.


Biodescodification is an approach that aims to understand and resolve the deeper emotional causes of illness to promote healing and well-being. She looks at people as a whole and seeks to harmonize body, mind and soul.

Biodescodification is more than just a therapy; it is a path to emotional freedom and a healthier life. At we offer you professionally led therapeutic sessions that can help you understand the origin of your complaints and take a step towards healing. Whether in the soothing atmosphere of a practice in Mallorca or in an interactive online session - begin your journey to self-discovery and emotional liberation.

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