Healing stones - properties and meaning

  1. Amethyst

    • Function: Calming, intuition, spiritual growth
    • Characteristics: Promotes emotional stability, relieves stress and anxiety, supports sleep problems.
  2. Rosenquarz

    • Function: Love, harmony, self-acceptance
    • Characteristics: Promotes self-love and self-confidence, strengthens relationships, relieves heartbreak.
  3. rock crystal

    • Function: Clarity, energy, healing
    • Characteristics: Amplifies the energy of other stones, promotes mental clarity, supports meditation.
  4. Citrine

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Attracts wealth and success, promotes creativity, strengthens self-confidence.
  5. Purchase

    • Function: Protection, strength, harmony
    • Characteristics: Gives courage and self-confidence, promotes emotional balance, protects against negative energies.
  6. Tigerauge

    • Function: Courage, protection, balance
    • Characteristics: Promotes decision-making, protects against negative energies, balances Yin and Yang.
  7. Sodalith

    • Function: Communication, intuition, self-expression
    • Characteristics: Promotes clear communication, strengthens intuition, relieves fears.
  8. Exit

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, harmony
    • Characteristics: Attracts good luck and prosperity, promotes emotional healing, strengthens love and friendship.
  9. Lapislazuli

    • Function: Wisdom, truth, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Promotes mental clarity, supports self-discovery, strengthens communication.
  10. Black Tourmaline

    • Function: Protection, grounding, transformation
    • Characteristics: Protects against negative energies, promotes grounding, supports the transformation of negative thoughts.
  11. Aventurin

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, creativity
    • Characteristics: Attracts luck and wealth, promotes creativity, strengthens self-confidence.
  12. Labradorite

    • Function: Transformation, intuition, protection
    • Characteristics: Promotes personal transformation, strengthens intuition, protects the aura.
  13. Mondstein

    • Function: Intuition, fertility, balance
    • Characteristics: Promotes intuition and empathy, supports fertility, balances hormones.
  14. Karneol

    • Function: Vitality, courage, creativity
    • Characteristics: Increases life energy, gives courage, promotes creativity.
  15. Aquamarin

    • Function: Communication, clarity, reassurance
    • Characteristics: Supports clear communication, promotes mental clarity, calms the mind.
  16. Malachite

    • Function: Transformation, protection, healing
    • Characteristics: Supports personal development, protects against negative energies, promotes emotional healing.
  17. Rhodonit

    • Function: Healing, forgiveness, self-love
    • Characteristics: Promotes emotional healing, supports forgiveness, strengthens self-love.
  18. selenium

    • Function: Cleansing, clarity, connection
    • Characteristics: Cleanses the aura and space, promotes mental clarity, strengthens spiritual connection.
  19. Unakit

    • Function: Healing, balance, grounding
    • Characteristics: Supports physical and emotional healing, promotes balance, strengthens grounding.
  20. Hematite

    • Function: Grounding, protection, strengthening
    • Characteristics: Promotes grounding and stability, protects against negative energies, strengthens self-confidence.
  21. Fluorite

    • Function: Clarity, protection, healing
    • Characteristics: Promotes mental clarity, protects against negative energies, supports healing on various levels.
  22. Enough

    • Function: Grounding, courage, strengthening
    • Characteristics: Provides grounding and stability, gives courage and strength, promotes connection to the earth.
  23. Howlith

    • Function: Calming, stress relief, awareness
    • Characteristics: Calms the mind, reduces stress and anger, promotes awareness and insight.
  24. Obsidian

    • Function: Protection, grounding, transformation
    • Characteristics: Provides strong protection against negative energies, promotes grounding, supports personal transformation.
  25. Onyx

    • Function: Strengthening, protection, balance
    • Characteristics: Provides strength and support, offers protection from negative energies, promotes emotional balance.
  26. You strive

    • Function: Prosperity, protection, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Attracts wealth and prosperity, provides protection and defense, strengthens self-confidence.
  27. Rhodochrosit

    • Function: Self-love, emotional healing, compassion
    • Characteristics: Promotes self-love and acceptance, supports emotional healing, increases compassion and love.
  28. Rubin

    • Function: Passion, energy, courage
    • Characteristics: Increases life energy and passion, gives courage and self-confidence, promotes vitality.
  29. Rauchquarz

    • Function: Grounding, protection, relaxation
    • Characteristics: Promotes grounding and stability, protects against negative energies, helps with relaxation and stress relief.
  30. Amazon

    • Function: Harmony, truth, communication
    • Characteristics: Promotes harmony and balance, supports the search for truth and clear communication, calms the mind.
  31. Turquoise

    • Function: Protection, healing, communication
    • Characteristics: Provides spiritual protection, supports healing of the body and mind, promotes clear and honest communication.

These stones should not be considered a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is a complementary practice whose effectiveness can vary from person to person.