Online webinars and workshops - therapies and services online: Discover the diversity of spirituality

"Healing begins where the inside is touched." - A quote that captures the essence of our work

Discover our diverse online offering of therapies and services specifically designed to enhance your wellbeing and support your spiritual journey.

At Iris Aura Shop you will find unique online services inspired by love, harmony, spirituality and mental balance:

  1. Energetic counselling: Immerse yourself in the world of energy work and discover your inner power and potential.
  2. Energetic coaching: Overcome personal blockages and challenges with professional support.
  3. Biodecodification: Experience profound healing from within through innovative therapeutic approaches.
  4. Family constellation: Find clarity and solutions for family entanglements and relationship issues.

These online therapies and services are facilitated by Iris Isabella, an experienced therapist with over 25 years in practice. She offers customised therapies that are tailored to the individual needs of clients to show them ways to achieve inner balance and harmony.


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