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"In each of us flows a universal energy that is just waiting to be discovered and harmonized."

Iris Aura Shop

The shop - the motivation

With this online shop I fulfill my dream as a professional therapist to help people like you, regardless of your location, ride the roller coaster of life with all its ups and downs.

For years I have been accompanying and helping people to find their mental and energetic balance, to release blockages, to overcome obstacles and to be happier. I use a range of high-quality products (from mala chains, energy stones to harmonizing and handmade candles, Bach products, aura sprays, special tea blends and much more) that can help you to feel better in everyday life and in the long term.

In addition, I also offer direct contact through sessions, both online and in person in my practice in Mallorca and in cooperation with great colleagues also in other cities in Germany and Spain, where we do everything from family constellations, biocoding to energetic work, like Offer Reiki, but also pendulum, card reading and much more.

Our range includes a range of products and services designed to help you find your spiritual balance and align your energies.

I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and work on and invest in yourself. Making the conscious decision to devote energy, time and resources to your personal well-being. Our energy work and holistic therapies are conducted by experienced professionals who can help you release physical and mental blockages and harmonize your energy field. Our life coaching supports you in finding clarity and orientation in difficult situations and in realizing your full potential.

We pride ourselves on offering you only the highest quality products and services inspired by our own enthusiasm for the spiritual world and our love for nature and healing herbs.

With much love, Iris Isabella

Iris Isabella Espai de Salut, Mallorca

I have long been interested in people as a whole. I always found it exciting what non-conventional medical therapies can achieve. Whether babies, small children, adults or seniors, a massage is something very personal for everyone, be it to relax - to heal or to prevent. I started as a foot reflexology therapist in 1992 while I was pregnant with my first daughter.

The feet - our supporting foundation - far away from the head, from the heart, from the middle of the body, still fascinate me today, because they are an important element in human statics and for me the key to health, along with a healthy lifestyle. I am always fascinated by what our feet show us. And how you can "only" touch your body, mind and soul with your feet. Gradually I attended more and more courses, especially in the year

In 2000, when I moved to Mallorca, I started a new way of life.


Besides Reiki I, II and III according to Dr. Usui, I have learned various massage techniques and healing therapies:

  • 1998 TUI-NA
  • 2001 Acupuncture courses/ Auricular acupuncture
  • 2001 Baby massage courses
  • 2002/2003/2004 Restylane injections courses
  • 2003 - 2005 Training as a Reiki Master
  • 2007 Acute taping course
  • 2008 Ear candling course
  • 2010 Indian head massage course
  • 2013 Reiki and acupressure for animals
  • 2014 Acupuncture course
  • 2015 Application of Bach flowers
  • 2017 Thai foot reflexology
  • 2019 Energetic constellation
  • 2020 Wood therapy/ Bamboo therapy
  • 2022 Questions about your Akashikos-.Registration
  • 2022 Biodecodification

The love for people as well as the fascination for each individual has made me what I am today.

Iris Isabella Espai de Salut Andratx - espai-de-salut.com

The practice in Andratx on Mallorca

With my many years of professional experience in the field of health, fitness and wellness, I want to help you find balance in your life.

Holistic treatment methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Reiki, biodecodification or special massage techniques can often be a valuable supplement or alternative to conventional medicine. They can help alleviate or even heal symptoms such as allergies, migraines, back pain, burn out and many other chronic and acute illnesses.

In my practice in Andratx on Mallorca I offer you a variety of relaxation, recovery and therapy options. After making an appointment in advance for a selection of therapies in the shop, I look forward to welcoming you personally.

If you are not nearby, you can also visit one of my colleagues in other practices that cooperate with me and my concept. I look forward to accompanying you on your way.

All love,
Iris Isabella

You can find more information on the website of Iris Isabella Espai de Salut