The magic of healing stones: natural powers for body, mind and soul

Die Magie der Heilsteine: Naturkräfte für Körper, Geist und Seele

Healing stones, also known as precious or semi-precious stones, are minerals, rocks or petrified materials that have been used for thousands of years in various cultures around the world to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. They are often used in alternative medicine, meditation, rituals and as jewelry.

Energetic vibrations:

Healing stones are valued for their energetic vibrations and the minerals they contain. Each stone is believed to have a unique vibrational frequency that can interact with the human body's energy fields to promote healing and harmony.

Chakras and energy work:

In energy work, healing stones are often used to balance and activate the body's chakras or energy centers. Each stone is associated with a specific chakra based on its color and the energies it carries. Placing the stones on the corresponding chakra points is intended to improve energy balance and general well-being.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

Healing stones are also used in meditation and mindfulness practice. They can serve as objects of focus or help cultivate certain qualities such as calm, clarity, or self-confidence.

Protection and defense:

Some stones are worn as amulets or talismans to provide protection from negative energies and influences. They can also be used to purify spaces and create a positive atmosphere.

Here is a selection of healing stones:

  1. Amethyst

    • Function: Calming, intuition, spiritual growth
    • Characteristics: Promotes emotional stability, relieves stress and anxiety, supports sleep problems.
  2. Rosenquarz

    • Function: Love, harmony, self-acceptance
    • Characteristics: Promotes self-love and self-confidence, strengthens relationships, relieves heartbreak.
  3. rock crystal

    • Function: Clarity, energy, healing
    • Characteristics: Amplifies the energy of other stones, promotes mental clarity, supports meditation.
  4. Citrine

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Attracts wealth and success, promotes creativity, strengthens self-confidence.
  5. Purchase

    • Function: Protection, strength, harmony
    • Characteristics: Gives courage and self-confidence, promotes emotional balance, protects against negative energies.
  6. Tigerauge

    • Function: Courage, protection, balance
    • Characteristics: Promotes decision-making, protects against negative energies, balances Yin and Yang.
  7. Sodalith

    • Function: Communication, intuition, self-expression
    • Characteristics: Promotes clear communication, strengthens intuition, relieves fears.
  8. Exit

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, harmony
    • Characteristics: Attracts good luck and prosperity, promotes emotional healing, strengthens love and friendship.
  9. Lapislazuli

    • Function: Wisdom, truth, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Promotes mental clarity, supports self-discovery, strengthens communication.
  10. Black Tourmaline

    • Function: Protection, grounding, transformation
    • Characteristics: Protects against negative energies, promotes grounding, supports the transformation of negative thoughts.
  11. Aventurin

    • Function: Happiness, prosperity, creativity
    • Characteristics: Attracts luck and wealth, promotes creativity, strengthens self-confidence.
  12. Labradorite

    • Function: Transformation, intuition, protection
    • Characteristics: Promotes personal transformation, strengthens intuition, protects the aura.
  13. Mondstein

    • Function: Intuition, fertility, balance
    • Characteristics: Promotes intuition and empathy, supports fertility, balances hormones.
  14. Karneol

    • Function: Vitality, courage, creativity
    • Characteristics: Increases life energy, gives courage, promotes creativity.
  15. Aquamarin

    • Function: Communication, clarity, reassurance
    • Characteristics: Supports clear communication, promotes mental clarity, calms the mind.
  16. Malachite

    • Function: Transformation, protection, healing
    • Characteristics: Supports personal development, protects against negative energies, promotes emotional healing.
  17. Rhodonit

    • Function: Healing, forgiveness, self-love
    • Characteristics: Promotes emotional healing, supports forgiveness, strengthens self-love.
  18. selenium

    • Function: Cleansing, clarity, connection
    • Characteristics: Cleanses the aura and space, promotes mental clarity, strengthens spiritual connection.
  19. Unakit

    • Function: Healing, balance, grounding
    • Characteristics: Supports physical and emotional healing, promotes balance, strengthens grounding.
  20. Hematite

    • Function: Grounding, protection, strengthening
    • Characteristics: Promotes grounding and stability, protects against negative energies, strengthens self-confidence.
  21. Fluorite

    • Function: Clarity, protection, healing
    • Characteristics: Promotes mental clarity, protects against negative energies, supports healing on various levels.
  22. Enough

    • Function: Grounding, courage, strengthening
    • Characteristics: Provides grounding and stability, gives courage and strength, promotes connection to the earth.
  23. Howlith

    • Function: Calming, stress relief, awareness
    • Characteristics: Calms the mind, reduces stress and anger, promotes awareness and insight.
  24. Obsidian

    • Function: Protection, grounding, transformation
    • Characteristics: Provides strong protection against negative energies, promotes grounding, supports personal transformation.
  25. Onyx

    • Function: Strengthening, protection, balance
    • Characteristics: Provides strength and support, offers protection from negative energies, promotes emotional balance.
  26. You strive

    • Function: Prosperity, protection, self-confidence
    • Characteristics: Attracts wealth and prosperity, provides protection and defense, strengthens self-confidence.
  27. Rhodochrosit

    • Function: Self-love, emotional healing, compassion
    • Characteristics: Promotes self-love and acceptance, supports emotional healing, increases compassion and love.
  28. Rubin

    • Function: Passion, energy, courage
    • Characteristics: Increases life energy and passion, gives courage and self-confidence, promotes vitality.
  29. Rauchquarz

    • Function: Grounding, protection, relaxation
    • Characteristics: Promotes grounding and stability, protects against negative energies, helps with relaxation and stress relief.
  30. Amazon

    • Function: Harmony, truth, communication
    • Characteristics: Promotes harmony and balance, supports the search for truth and clear communication, calms the mind.
  31. Turquoise

    • Function: Protection, healing, communication
    • Characteristics: Provides spiritual protection, supports healing of the body and mind, promotes clear and honest communication.

It is important to emphasize that the use of healing stones should not be viewed as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is a complementary practice whose effectiveness can vary from person to person. We invite you to discover the diversity and beauty of these stones in the Iris Aura Shop and to promote the balance of body, mind and soul.

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