Discover the healing power of nature: Bach flowers for harmony and well-being

Entdecken Sie die Heilkraft der Natur: Bachblüten für Harmonie und Wohlbefinden

What are Bach flowers?
Bach flowers emerged from the vision of Dr. Edward Bach, to heal people and not just the disease. While working in the homeopathic hospital in London, he began to associate certain flowers with the personality and behavior of his patients and developed special preparations from them. The impressive results motivated him to deepen his research and develop the therapeutic system known today as Bach flower remedies. Thanks to his continuous studies and perfection of methods, today we have access to this wonderful system that promotes health and well-being.

Taking Bach flowers:
The standard dosage for Bach flower remedies is 4 drops, 4 times daily. It is recommended to keep the drops in your mouth for a few seconds and not to touch the pipette with your mouth or hands. There are no set times for taking it, as long as one dose is taken in the morning and evening and the rest are taken throughout the day.

Preparation of Bach flowers:
To make Bach flower remedies, flowers from wild plants should be collected at the beginning of flowering. There are two production methods: the solar method and the cooking method. Both methods require four weeks of exposure to the sun or half an hour of boiling time, followed by filtration and dilution with cognac.

Choosing the right Bach flower remedy:
Choosing the right Bach flower remedy is uncomplicated as they offer a wide range of support for various problems. They help to overcome fears, worries, loneliness, insecurity and other negative conditions and promote health.

Bach flowers for animals:
Our animal friends can also benefit from Bach flowers. Phoenix Import offers special Bach flower remedies for pets to provide comfort to anxious or stressed animals.

Bach Elixirs:
Elixirs & Co has been dedicated to making Bach flowers accessible for 30 years, offering a diverse range of natural solutions to everyday problems. Their products are certified organic and strictly follow Dr. Bach. The company is a member of the Bach Flower Guild and bears the “Dr. Bach Method” quality seal.

Bach sprays are a practical alternative to roll-on bottles or classic drops. They are ideal for on the go and offer quick help when needed. One spray under the tongue or into the room is enough to lift your mood. Bach flowers to go!

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