Healing stones in glass tubes - the special water

Heilsteine im Glasröhrchen - das besondere Wasser

Welcome to our blog! Today we have very special news for you: Our unique collection "Healing Stones in Glass Tubes". These lovingly selected healing stones are tailored to different needs and offer a variety of options for your well-being. They help in the search for relaxation, balance, love, harmony, clarity, happiness, success and much more.

Our hand-picked healing stones are embedded in elegant glass tubes with a cork lid, ready to transfer their beneficial properties to the filled water. It is recommended to leave the glass tube in the water for at least 60 minutes or 3-4 hours for best results. The resulting gemstone water supports a healthy and happy life.

Each glass tube, including cap, measures 100mm in length and 15mm in diameter. The total weight is about 27g, of which 17g are distributed over the stones and 10g over the jar with lid.

Our selection offers different combinations of healing stones. For example, amethyst and rock crystal are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation, while aventurine and rock crystal ensure radiant skin. Amazonite and rock crystal have a detoxifying and calming effect, rose quartz and amethyst promote love and clarity. Our aventurine and rose quartz combination has a harmonizing and happy effect, and if you are only looking for loving energy, rose quartz is the right choice for you. Aventurine and amethyst ensure a harmonious balance between body, mind and emotions.

These healing stones are not intended as a substitute for medical treatments, but serve as a supporting supplement. These are natural products, so there may be deviations in shape, color and size.

Discover the fascinating possibilities of healing stones with our collection "Healing Stones in Glass Tubes". Transform your drinking water into a powerful elixir of nature and enjoy the positive effects on your life!

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