Heilsein - Discover your spiritual side

Heilseine - Entdecken Sie Ihre spirituelle Seite

Explore the versatile uses of healing stones with the "Spirit Up" collection from Iris Aura Shop! The collection offers a wide selection, whether you are looking for relaxation, balance, self-love, harmony, improving relationships, optimism, creativity, mental clarity, happiness, success or enhancing positive qualities - we have the right healing stone combinations for your needs.

The healing stones from Iris Aura Shop fit perfectly on your bedside table, desk, living room, office or any other place you can think of. In addition, they are also excellent table gifts for weddings, christenings, birthdays and other occasions - a special surprise to give your guests a special treat.

Experience the power of healing stones

The healing stones of the Iris Aura Shop collection bring positive energies into your life. Secure your "Spirit Up" healing stones in various combinations of rose quartz, aventurine, rock crystal and amethyst now!

Please note: Healing stones do not replace medical treatments or professional advice. If you have any health concerns, please consult a doctor.


The soft pink of the rose quartz stands for love and harmony. This healing stone promotes self-love, strengthens relationships and creates a calming atmosphere. Ideal for your bedside table or living room to spread love and peace.

Aventurine and rock crystal

The combination of green aventurine and clear rock crystal brings luck and success. Aventurine promotes optimism and creativity, while rock crystal provides clarity and energy. An excellent choice for your desk or office to achieve your goals.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Unite the loving energy of rose quartz with the spiritual power of amethyst. This combination creates a harmonious environment and promotes relaxation and mental clarity. Perfect for your living room to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Aventurine and Rose Quartz

Are you looking for a balance of love and happiness? Then this combination of aventurine and rose quartz is perfect for you. Aventurine promotes good luck and success, while rose quartz strengthens love. Ideal for your desk or as a gift for loved ones.

amethyst and rock crystal

Immerse yourself in the spiritual world with the combination of amethyst and rock crystal. The amethyst promotes relaxation and spiritual development, while the clear quartz provides clarity and balance. An excellent choice for your living room or as a gift for those spiritually interested.

Discover the world of healing stones with the "Spirit Up" collection from Iris Aura Shop. Bring positive energy into your life and experience how healing stones can enrich your everyday life.

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