Healing stone bracelets with a special meaning

Heilstein-Armbänder mit besonderer Bedeutung

At Iris Aura Shop we offer a wide variety of handmade jewelry, distinguished by their high quality and aesthetic appeal. Of particular note, however, are our bracelets with healing stones, which not only serve as pieces of jewelry, but also have special energetic properties.

Our rhodochrosite bracelet is made from carefully selected 4-6mm beads. Rhodochrosite is known to promote self-knowledge and self-love. This stone helps heal emotional wounds and alleviate anxiety, depression and insecurities. Wear this bracelet every day and use the uplifting energy of rhodochrosite to discover your inner strength and increase your zest for life.

The fertility bracelet is set with rose quartz, moonstone and aquamarine. The rose quartz is a stone of love and kindness. It helps to release emotional blockages and promotes loving energies that can support the willingness to conceive. Associated with feminine energy, moonstone can help create hormonal balance and regulate the menstrual cycle. Its energizing properties can prepare the body for conception. The aquamarine stands for clarity and purity. It harmonizes the energy system and promotes emotional stability.

Our protection bracelet with black tourmaline, amethyst, rose quartz and labradorite protects against negative energies. Black tourmaline is known for its protective properties and ability to transform negative energy. Amethyst promotes mental clarity and calm, while rose quartz promotes love and compassion. Labradorite is a mystical stone that enhances intuition and awareness.

Our energy chakra bracelet with fluorite and amethyst helps to balance and stabilize the energy centers in the body. Fluorite is known to promote mental clarity and focus, and aids in decision making. Amethyst promotes mental clarity and intuition.

Our Lava Energy Bracelet is made from lava beads known for their earthy energy and ability to promote stability and courage. They are ideal for people who are making a fresh start or need extra motivation and determination.

All of our bracelets have been crafted with great care and attention to detail to offer you the best possible quality. Not only do they serve as beautiful accessories, but they also help improve your energy and well-being. Immerse yourself in the world of healing stones and let yourself be enchanted by their natural beauty and their positive effects on your life.

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